Our Coordinator

Our coordinator personally meets and interviews each homestay family and visits each and every home before selecting homestay families for School District 47, Powell River.  As a full time School District employee, they are readily available to International students and homestays and visits schools, students and homes on a regular basis. The International Program is a dynamic and growing program that provides many opportunities for all of our students.  Our coordinator works hard to settle the students in with the families, create their programs and help the students navigate all aspects of being a students in the District.  Many post secondary opportunities exist for students wishing to continue their studies in Canada and North America, and our coordinator works with the students to help them plan for their longer term education. 

Our coordinator personally knows  ALL homestay families and students. Each homestay family is carefully screened to ensure the safety, security, comfort and true Canadian experience of all Powell River International students. The coordinator personally works towards making the best possible match between student interests and the needs of their homestay family to ensure the greatest level of student and family comfort and happiness.

Homestays play an integral role in the successful immersion of the international student into Canadian Culture. The primary goal in placing a student with a Canadian family is to give international students the best opportunity to experience Canadian life while developing their English language skills. School District 47 and both the coordinator and District Principal of International programs,‚Äč are commitment to personally supporting each and every student and homestay family. The International Program IS a family.