About the homestay experience:

  • “I love my homestay family and I feel grateful to stay in a full-of-love family during these two years.  They took me to go everywhere and taught me Canadian culture.  Also they respect my culture.  It is hard to think about leaving them after I graduate.” – Kate
  •  My homestay taught me about how to be how to be an adult. – Natalie
  • My homestay family is amazing.  They treated me like their own son and I accepted them like my own parents.  It will be an unforgettable memory in my life. – Top

About the Brooks School experience.

  • Kate: “I would like to say “enjoyable” for my experience in Brooks Secondary School because I enjoy all the time in this place and here is full of a tone of lovely memories.  Also, Brooks Secondary School is proof of my growing up.”
  • Alex:  “ People are very friendly.  Just don’t be too shy and try to talk to them a lot.  This is the main reason to come here – learning English and communicating with people who have different cultural backgrounds.  Moreover, teachers at Brooks are extremely nice, don’t be too afraid to ask any questions (just show your respect).
  • Miho: “I found the relationship between teachers and students to be friendly.”
  • Arisa: “I made friends who don’t speak my first language.  This is valuable for my whole life.”
  • Katie: “Brooks students are really kind and they are easy to get along with.  Brooks doesn’t have many international students so you can have more chance to speak English.
  • Yuki: “Thanks to every teacher for helping me so much.”
  • Luna: “Brooks Secondary has amazing teachers!  They always help students when you are stuck in your brain.  Besides, Western students have a really nice attitude with international students.” 

About the Powell River experience.

  • Kate says, “Even though Powell River is a small town … I LOVE IT MORE THAN I CAN IMAGINE!
  • Alex says, “Powell River is undoubtedly gorgeous, I am sure I will miss here very much after I leave.”
  • Yuki said, “I was very pleasantly surprised with homestay when I came to Canada.  I feel very relaxed and happy in our life together.”
  • Arisa said, “My English improved day by day, but my mind grew too.  I don’t think I would have grown if I stayed in my own country.”
  • Joe said, “Powell River is a beautiful place, an original town, a quiet place for studying.”
  • Alex said, “Amazing English environment, nice people.”
  • Kenneth said, “nice view, friendly people, fresh air, no pollution, few people, very local.”